VESTAL-TIGHT Natural Vaginal Tightening Pills. 60 Tablets


  • “REAL RESULTS”. Female Vaginal Tightening Pills, that Delivers Safe, Lasting & Permanent Results. †
  • Enhances Lubrication, Vaginal Health, and Energy. †
  • Pomegranate Extract, Green Tea extract and Ginger for a snugged Tissues. Collagen, Biotin and Hyaluronic acid fortified to enhance the softness. Amino Acids and Vitamins for your Energy and Performance. †
  • 100% Natural Herbal Ingredients. SAFE, with no side Effects. †
  • Made and developed in the USA. Manufactured at an FDA regulated and inspected facility. †


VESTAL TIGHT helps to tighten your vagina naturally by enhancing hormonal balance. Our formula blend of Pomegranate and Witch Hazel works to help shrinking effect. We also added Amino Acids needed to build new tissues to help revive vaginal loose walls. We added herbal extracts that help in enhancing the vaginal lubrication to prevent further looseness. Our formula contains Collagen, Biotin and Hyaluronic acid that will also contribute to softness of the new vaginal tissues. We also added some key Vitamins and minerals that enhance your vaginal health and increase your energy levels.


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